My Weightloss Journey

I started my weightloss journey in October 2014, a little more than 6 weeks after I had my first son. I wanted to lose 4 stone after putting on a lot before and during pregnancy. I had somehow let myself get to 14 stone 3 lbs and I had realised by this point that something had to give. I also had my wedding the following August which I didn’t want to look like a beached whale for. 
So I began my journey, with a target in my head of 4 stone to lose, with no real idea if I would ever lose any of that. None the less I began eating right and hoping it would work because I really wanted it. I worked really hard on my self control when it came to food as it was clearly the biggest issue for me at that time, and I was eating and feeling much better for it, and this was reflected in the 3 stone weightloss I achieved just in time for my wedding the following August (2015). I did it, I managed to lose 3 whole stone, fit into my wedding dress and like the way it looked, and how the pictures came out. That was one of my worst fears and my main motivation, I didn’t want to look back at my wedding photos in years to come and regret not losing the weight and hating those pictures when you should look at those memories with nothing but happiness, and luckily I can. 

Fast forward to September, our honeymoon, all inclusive week away in Turkey and let’s just say.. it went down hill from here. I gained some of the weight I had lost for the wedding, back and was stuck, then December came along and I fell pregnant with my second son. I tried hard to eat better than I did in my first pregnancy and was happy that with this pregnancy I was in a healthy BMI range so I didn’t have to have gestational diabetes tests etc like I did the first time, but I soon let old habits slip, very easy when your trying to look after a 18 month old and be pregnant, (it’s much harder when you have someone else to look after, gone are the days of my first pregnancy, napping on the sofa when I pleased).

In August 2016 I met my second baby boy, however I was almost back to square one again by this point. I got back into trying to lose weight but after losing a little bit here and there, not much progress was being made, I defiantly lost my way for a little while and it wasn’t coming off as easy this time round that’s for sure, something had to give but I needed to realise that for myself first. Sometimes I think you just need to get to that point where enough is enough, you either carry on and be unhappy (I was miserable) or you do something about it, and it was nearing the end of my maternity leave, (May 2017) and I had reached this point. I had a plan in my head that when I got back to work I would  join a gym to see if eating well and exercising would help shift the weight more than diet alone. 

June 2017 i joined Better Gym with my husband, determined this time for it to not be a one month thing that slowly dwindled into cancelling my membership like many other times before when I had joined gyms. I got a complementary free Personal training session when I joined which I booked for Tues 13th, the following week after I joined. The very thought of a personal training session itself filled me with dread but the guy seems nice enough so I thought, it’s free why not give it a go. I had no intention, if I am totally honest, in doing any after this freebie but I plucked up the courage to go along and see what it was like anyway. This was my turning point. I came out of my first half an hour session having really enjoyed myself and feeling much more positive about this whole ‘gym thing’, so much so when he said did I want to book another session the following week, I just said yes before I even knew what was happening, it became a regular thing. In turn, with every session I had with him I began to enjoy the gym sessions I did on my own too, I was going 3 times a week through my own choice, I actually wanted to go, who was this new person?!

2 months on I had lost well over a stone since starting the gym and then my Personal Trainer announced he would be moving gyms, and I was gutted, concerned this was the difference between giving up and achieveing more than I already had, I weighted up the positives of the journey and financial aspect of the gym he was moving to as it was more money a month, but I couldn’t decide upon anything else other than that i needed to carry on what I was doing, so I decided it was worth the positive and negatives, took the plunge and moved to a brand new gym at DW Fitness, all on my own. This was the best decision I could have made.

People where noticing my Weightloss, I was progressing with my strength at the gym and I could see and feel the difference it was making. I was trying my damn hardest to eat well and exercise a lot more than I ever had.

On Thursday 19th October 2017 I officially hit my target of a 4 stone Weightloss. I had never got this far in my whole journey before. I had done it, all that hard work had really paid off this time. I will forever be grateful for my PT’s support, I couldn’t have done it all on my own. To get this far meant so much more than perhaps I even realised.  I’m not a confident person in any way so to have my PT, someone who can make you feel comfortable in what would usually be a very uncomfortable situation for you, was worth its weight in gold. I couldn’t have done it otherwise. 

As a teenager I was that annoying, stick thin person I was now jealous of, who could have eaten everything in sight and not put any weight on, flash forward to my early 20’s and bam, I was still eating the same amount but piling the pounds on as a result. Now, with the 4 stone weightloss, I was the lowest I had weighted in nearly 5 years! I was back. There is still so much I can achieve, however I can be a very negative person at times and I very much let myself forget how far I have come when I think about where I could still be.

It’s very inportant to remember that it doesn’t matter how long it takes, if you really want it, you can get it. You can give up, and start all over again but you will always succeed if deep down you really want it, you can do it (& this is coming from Mrs ‘I can’t’ herself).

With all this being said, I need a new aim, a new goal to strive towards….

So, now the question on my mind… what next? 



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  1. Frances Read says:

    Wow Sarah until you see before and after photos you just don’t realise how far you have come. Well done you. I am as always your very proud auntie. You are a lovely mum and and a lovely niece. Xxxxx

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  2. veenessar says:

    Oh Sarah, this is a really inspirational story! You didn’t need to change though; you looked great and your body had just done the most amazing thing and birthed 2 human beings! However, I believe that if you are not happy then you should try to identify what is the cause then change it, which is what you’ve done. You look great after all if your hard work and I hope you feel proud 🙂 Well done mamma 👍 x

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    1. I know and I am very proud of what my body did to have 2 kiddies but I was at my biggest before having them aswell and really not happy and something needed to change because they deserved a happy mummy! I want them to know that it doesn’t matter how they look if they are happy but I wasn’t. Thank you! I never thought I would do it and I’m happy I stuck to it x


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