Happy Easter 🐣

Hi Guys!

It’s April 1st & 31 days since I started my DE-Chox for the British Heart Foundation, no chocolate for the whole of March, and now, on Easter Sunday it’s finally finished, I did it, 31 days of no chocolate, nothing, no chocolate flavourings, no chocolate bars, nothing.

I raised £70 for The British Heart Foundation (BHF) so I am very happy with that 😀

I also thought I’d share with you the Easter gifts I brought for my boys this year.

I love to get the boys little treats but I’m also aware that I don’t want them to be ungrateful by always overwhelming them with gifts. I do believe that you can treat them without having to spend lots of money. You see people all the time posting pictures on social media with the lavish pictures and captions of ‘look at all this stuff I got the kids’ when in reality, they won’t even realise the value of all those things and will just expect it all, all the time.

This year I popped into the pound shop to get the boys there Easter gifts, and they had loads of great bits.

From £1 Easter eggs, Easter decorations, crafts and lots of different books.

So I got the boys a few little bits each to make up a small gift for them, and it came to £5! Perfect.

For Noah, who is 3 years old, I got a Paw Patrol egg, as he loves it, I then got him a Easter themed colouring book, and a paint your own Easter bunny which I knew he would love.

For Casey, who is 19 months, I got him a Milky bar egg and as he loves messy play and painting I got him a paint your own Easter bunny too. He isn’t as into colouring yet but they did have lots of other crafty bits great for older kids, and books for younger kids too.

I thought these were really lovely little gifts instead of just chocolate and instead of spending lots of money..

and the boys loved them!

I hope you’ve all had a great Easter however you celebrate it

Until next time


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