Pampers Squad- What did we think?

It’s been a few weeks now since we received the Pampers package and I thought it was about time that we gave our thoughts on the nappy pants.

I gave some of the samples out to a few friends and family to try out also,

I gave them to a work colleague who had a little girl, my sister who has my little niece, I also gave my mum and other sister some to use when they were looking after my boys, to use and give there thoughts.

So what did they think? & what did I think?

It was nearly all positive feedback on all aspects of the nappy pants! They were great for busy legs, wriggly bottoms, and nappy changing avoiders. They were super felixaeble and made life a lot simpler and quicker when it came to nappy changing.

They held a good amount, without leaking at all, and I found this especially great as I used them on my older boy Noah who only wears pull ups at night and they didn’t leak and lasted all the way through too.

Everyone commented on how easy they were to use and there effectiveness throughout the day, and I would defiantly consider using them on a more regular basis.

The only comment on the negative side really was that they can be more expensive than other brands of nappies, but sometimes you pay for the quality, so all in all everyone said they would defiantly recommend them themselves to family and friends.

Its been great fun participating in the pampers squad project

Roll on the next mission!

Until next time


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